Responsible Recycling — You Know it Makes Sense

Responsible Recycling — You Know it Makes Sense

Like it or not, we are living in the age of recycling and environmental awareness. For many centuries, mankind has taken from the Earth, with little or no regard for the future, and the time has come to replenish Mother Nature and preserve what we still have in terms of natural resources. This happens on many levels, and although governments encourage an eco-friendly approach, there are things the homeowner can do to promote the well-being of the planet. Here are just a few ways you can do your bit for the environment.

Old Cars

Many people have an ageing vehicle stuck in the corner of the property, and before long, it blends in with the background and is forgotten. Whenever you do think about the car, the logistics make it something to put on the back burner, after all, it isn’t hurting anyone, is it? Actually, it is. It is not good for the environment, what with the engine oil and other toxic materials, not to mention the battery. The bodywork will corrode, and nature will try to reclaim the area, but there is an alternative. Simply call in a scrap metal dealer, who will arrange for the removal of the car, at no expense to you! By calling in a scrap metal dealer, you can be sure the car will be recycled correctly, and the service won’t cost you a thing.


Multiple Bins

This is a great idea, and you can colour code for easy identification. Your daily garbage can be split into, plastics, bottles and glass, aluminium cans, and any biodegradable stuff should be put on the compost.

There is a lot one can do to be eco-friendly, and responsible disposal of waste is just one way to help our planet, so make some changes at home and get the family involved, and then you can all make a difference.