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Making Money From the Junk In Your Yard

We all have things in our home that need throwing away, and our gardens are no exception. Whether you’ve just had some building work done, or have moved into a property, then you’ll no doubt want this junk removed as quickly as possible. One thing that might motivate you to clear out your yard is that you can get money for your scrap metal. Rather than throwing everything into a skip, consider bringing them to our scrap yard instead. Here’s how you can make money from your rubbish.

Discarded Metals

There are lots of reasons why you might accumulate a lot of metals on your property, and it can be annoying to have them just laying around. Hiring a skip and throwing them out can be bad for the planet, and can mean you miss out on money for your metals. It’s much better to bring these materials to Martin Scrap Metals for metal recycling. Many different kinds can be recycled, while you receive money for your scrap. You can recycle:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Car batteries
  • Stainless steel
  • Most kinds of metal scr


Extra Money

Many metals now fetch high prices, and so even small quantities can make you enough money for something fun. Ask your local yard about scrap metal prices and they’ll be able to give you a rough idea of how much your metal might fetch. Certain metals such as copper are especially expensive, so you should get things like copper wire sorted out quickly before it attracts thieves.

Before you send the rubbish in your yard to the tip, it’s important to see if there’s any value in it. All sorts of metal can be sent for recycling, which can make you some extra cash, and many materials can be taken to recycling centres rather than being added to landfill. Recycling helps to reduce your carbon footprint, making the Earth a better place for us all, and because you can get money for scrap metal there’s plenty of incentives to recycle your scrap.